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Don’t Forget to Hire a Water Heater Replacement Expert

Is It Time for a New Water Heater?

As your water heater ages, it will slowly lose its ability to maintain a steady temperature and the correct water pressure. If your water heater shows signs of these problems, you’ll want to replace it before it fails and causes damage to your home or some other emergency! Below are 3 of the signs that it’s time for a water heater replacement project.

A malfunctioning thermostat

If your water heater isn’t heating up, or if it even gives off toxic fumes, you should check your thermostat. Thermostats are responsible for instructing the heater to perform a heating cycle.

No hot water after turning on the heater

Try flushing the water heater. You can always replace it if the problem persists. However, a repair usually does the trick! If you’re not sure how to perform a flush, you can ask your plumber for assistance. If you want to check the plumbing system on your own, you can just test the hot water faucet by hand. If it’s hot, the water heater is working properly. If it’s not, then there’s a problem that needs to be fixed.

Excessive odors

If you notice an off odor in your water heater, especially if it happens to be the first thing you see when you come home, you’ll want to replace it right away. You’ll have to pull out your tools and get to work! Being familiar with the process is half the battle! Having the tools to complete the job is the other half. Make sure you have all the necessary materials before you start the replacement. And don’t forget to call the experts to help you with the project!

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